Thursday, September 20, 2012

Painting Re-revisited

Finally an explanation of why the paint on our 188 year old house has huge white smudges in it.  We wanted to have environmentally friendly paint and also paint which is for "pamatky",  the name for old buildings or monuments that are considered part of the Czech Republic heritage, therefore, can't be torn down.  The ecologically kind paint was supposed to let our 3 foot thick walls breathe.

The smudges were due to the lime which didn't mix with the terracotta particles.  Great color except for what looked like a giant's fingerprints all over it.  Yesterday they came with similar paint from another company.  Less fingerprints, but there all the same.
After three week of scaffolding and three different paints,  21 September we finally have the color without smudges. 
Today the painters surprised us by ringing our bell at 6:15 a.m.  No smudges so far, but the color is, well,  a bad pink.  I saw the color we ordered on an old building on one of the narrow winding streets in the center of Prague last year.  It was a lovely warm red.  I've seen similar colors on other old buildings. Nothing like what the painters are putting up now.  Why are we having such a hard time getting the right color?!

Three weeks of scaffolding and it looks like at least another. The bars holding up the planks outside our windows are beginning to feel like a prison.

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