Friday, October 12, 2012

A Couple of Weeks Ago

Tuesday of the fourth week of getting our house painted or not depending on your point of view.  The first 2 1/2 weeks with two lots of paint which left smudges due to the incomplete chemical mix of the color and lime.  Now we have a silicate based paint which doesn't smudge, but seems to streak.

The two tones our building company used on our trim last year the director of the company tried to attribute to the sun last week.  Today the color man came with his book of paint shades.  I picked a shade similar to the cream of our front door for the trim.  Seems my idea all the trim needs painting has taken hold.

House with curved addition 
Although I told the director's assistant several times the winter garden needed to be painted too as it was the original outside wall, the painters last week had not a clue about it.  Those painters were the same ones we've had all September whom my husband and I swear we've never seen before.  Painting didn't seem to be their calling.  The painters who arrived today are our old friends from when we were in the blitz of demolition and reconstruction.

We will have lived in our house for a year in November.  Peter let out a yelp of joy this morning. Finally, after 4 months our eco-garbage - grass clippings, pruning debris was emptied.  Slowly we are taking root in this place.  More to do.  Our bedroom has wires on the ceiling and beside our bed where lights should be.  We have no curtains and I have to skulk lower than the window sill when I dress or undress in our bedroom.  Still boxes to unpack.  And a garden to plant.

Slowly our roots are settling into this old house and garden.  I sometimes wonder what the original family who lived here would have thought of what we have now.

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